Method of study: which is the best at university?

The university is a very important moment in life, the final path of a long march started with elementary school, which will open the doors to work. Even during the university, however, difficulties are not lacking, in fact, compared to 5 years of high school subjects are more complex.

Therefore, an adequate method of study will certainly be needed, which often does not come close to what was used during high school.

So what could be a valid study method to use during the university period? We go into detail to learn more, so that we can help you if you are looking for a valid method for your course of study.

Understanding what a study method is?

It all begins at the dawn of the scholastic experience of each of us. Yes, primary school is essential for instance.

The young minds are in fact in a completely new context, fascinating and terrible at the same time. But what matters most is that they are flexible, capable of learning a huge amount of information.

Already in this period the children begin to develop a method of study, albeit in a very general way, which gradually becomes consolidated over the years, shaped by all the daily experiences.

At this stage the most difficult task is clearly up to the educators. In fact, what matters is not so much learning the multiplication tables or that soqquadro is the only word to have two letters q.

But how much more to accustom the children to the fact that their main task is the study, and even if unsuccessful must still be completed, in other words “prepare the ground for future sowing”.

So in principle we could define study method that series of behaviors and actions that lead us to acquire new knowledge. The same that in turn will form the basis for the new ones and so on.

What is the bestt method?

A study method can be called perfect but this is true for a single person.

That is to say: a teacher, a parent or anyone who educates a young student will never be able to teach a “perfect” study method.

Conversely, the young student, over time, will be able to shape for himself a method of study that he deems perfect, precisely because it is largely productive.

But be careful, small things like behaviors and habits contribute, indeed they are fundamental for the success of our purpose, that is to acquire a good method of study.

It starts from what may seem small banalities:

  • wake up early,
  • healthy food,
  • good habits.

But what is most relevant is the background, the things that no one says because they consider it unnecessary or even worthless.


Engage throughout the year

Do not be persuaded by those who say that to make a good exam you should study hours and hours bent over the book. Of course, studying remains important, but with a good study method the workload will be less heavy. To succeed in this, you will need to have good organization.

The consequence is that you need to have a strong organization and an excellent study method to study profitably every day and get prepared for exams. There is no valid study method for everyone, but there is a golden rule: studying throughout the year, following the lessons and reviewing the notes from time to time.

In this way, the concepts will be well rooted in the mind and a pre-exam review will be enough to be ready.

Obviously, everyone should then focus on the method of study that he considers most effective, also based on his own memory skills and the subject to be studied. To understand what works best the ideal is to do tests.

To understand what the study method is for you, try to highlight the notes with different colors, to copy them after each lesson, to repeat aloud or to outline from the books. Which of these approaches are you best at?

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